Then and Now ‘American Hill’

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American Hill … From 1973 to today.

This area of the Illawarra Rhododendron and Rainforest Gardens was cleared of weeds in 1973. It was then planted with five hundred azaleas.
All of these were grown from seed sourced from Dr. August Kehr, a renowned American azalea breeder and geneticist with the US Department of Agriculture.
Dr. Kehr was a friend of Don Stanton, founder of ‘The Rhododendron Park’, as it was then called!


Don Stanton suddenly and sadly died in 1977.

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Don Stanton, 1970’s
(Photo courtesy David Stanton)

5. b&w portrait don stanton

Don Stanton, 1959
(Photo courtesy David Stanton)

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Newspaper source unknown
(Clippings courtesy David Stanton)

Dr. August Kehr wrote movingly of the passing of his Australian friend:

8. american rododendron society re passing of donald j stanton dr august kehr