History of Illawarra Rhododendron
and Rainforest Gardens

Times Past…

Looking back at the history of the Illawarra Rhododendron & Rainforest Gardens

Times Past… Story In Stone Rainforest Sculpture

TIMES PAST...A Story in Stone Rainforest sculptureThe Illawarra Rhododendron and Rainforest Gardens at Mt. Pleasant, near Wollongong, have a hidden treasure tucked behind one of their magnificent Red Cedar trees. Decades ago, a work of art in sandstone was created...

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Times Past… Then and Now ‘Service Road’

TIMES PAST...Then and Now 'Service Road'Service Road ... from 1971 to today. This road is the main access from the Lower Gardens to the rainforest in the Upper Gardens. In the ‘Australian Rhododendron Society (Illawarra Branch) - Newsletter No. 21, June 1971',...

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Times Past… Then and Now ‘American Hill’ 

TIMES PAST...Then and Now 'American Hill'American Hill ... From 1973 to today. This area of the Illawarra Rhododendron and Rainforest Gardens was cleared of weeds in 1973. It was then planted with five hundred azaleas. All of these were grown from seed sourced from...

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Our History – Don Stanton

OUR HISTORY …Illawarra Rhododendron and Rainforest GardensWhen Donald Stanton was told, “You can’t grow rhododendrons in Wollongong,” he was determined to prove the sceptics wrong.Date unknown(Photo courtesy David Stanton)(Photo courtesy David Stanton)(Photo...

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